09 November 2009

The Evolution of Social Media's Role at AirSafe.com - Video

An earlier AirSafeNews.com article featured an audio podcast that discussed the role social media played in how the public found out about the January 2009 ditching of a US Airways A320 on the Hudson River. This article features a video based on a presentation that AirSafe.com's Dr. Todd Curtis gave at the 2009 Bird Strike North America conference. This show provides a general definition of social media and then provides specific examples of how it was used by AirSafe.com to expand the site's audience and to enhance the usefulness of its information.

Video and Audio Podcast Links (7:01)
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New AirSafe.com Blog

AirSafe.com recently launched the blog FlightsGoneBad.com, which features complaints from the AirSafe.com Complaint System and other news and information about passenger service and airport security issues.

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