14 July 2007

Bird Strike Video Collection

Bird and wildlife strikes to aircraft have long been a potentially fatal risk for both crew and passengers. A new site from AirSafe.com has collected some of the more interesting videos that show either bird and wildlife strikes or the aftermath of those strikes.

Visit strikevideos.blogspot.com to check out the videos and visit the Bird Strike Committee USA site at birdstrike.org for more information about this issue.

03 July 2007

Fatal and Significant Events of 2006

This is a presentation summarizing the fatal events of 2006.

02 July 2007

Tail Strike Video

Here is an interesting piece of video from LiveLeak.com. It appears to show a commercial jet airliner performing a go-around after experiencing a tail strike. From the flight attendants accent, my guess is a UK registered aircraft. If anyone has a clue as to the aircraft type, airline, location, or date, please contact AirSafe.com.