31 May 2014

Dr. Curtis interviewed by Rudy Maxa on 31 May 2014 about the search for flight MH370

In this May 31, 2014 interview with Rudy Maxa's World, Dr. Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com discussed recent developments in the search for flight MH370, the Malaysia Airlines 777 that disappeared in early March 2014.

The Australian government, which is leading the effort to find the missing aircraft, had recently suspended the search and had announced that it would take about two months to conduct a thorough mapping of a section of the Indian Ocean seafloor before resuming the search.

Listen to the interview (5:11)
Additional details about flight MH370

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01 May 2014

Malaysia Ministry of Transport releases preliminary report on flight MH370

27 April 2014 - In this ABC Radio Australia interview, Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com discussed comments made by a former Malaysian Prime Minister about Boeing's role in the investigation, and about the design of the 777. In short, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad laid the blame for the loss of the aircraft on Boeing, and not on Malaysia Airlines.

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26 April 2014

Interview with KickSat designer Zac Manchester

This interview with Zac Manchester of KickSat took place on 26 April 2014, just over a week after the KickSat satellite was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral.

The KickSat satellite carries over 100 miniaturized satellites called Sprites (including AirSafe.com's first satellite), and these will be deployed later in the mission.

Kicksat Sprite satellite
Sprite miniature satellite

In the interview, Zac discusses the planning and development process for KickSat, the technology that made the miniaturized Sprite satellites possible, and the volunteer network of radio operators who will detect the signals from the Sprites once they deploy.

For additional information, including links for plans to build your own Sprite satellite, please visit kicksat.airsafe.com

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