24 February 2009

Managing a Podcast Using the AirSafe.com System

As many of you know, AirSafe.com has created podcasts for over two years. One of the major milestones was going from audio only to a mix of audio and video episodes. Over time, there have been modest improvements in the technical quality of the podcast, but there have been great improvements in expanding the audience and streamlining the production process.

To give you an example of the changes, views and downloads of the video version of the podcast went from zero two years ago to an average of about 20,000 per month in early January 2009 (before the Miracle on the Hudson). This increase in views was almost certainly not due to the high production values. Most AirSafe.com video podcast episodes are little more than a narrated slide show with lots of bullet points, a few pictures, and even fewer video clips.

There were two keys to expanding the audience for the podcast. The first was having a systematic process for producing episodes. The second was the consistent application of a common sense marketing strategy, the foundation of which was using free online resources such as video sharing sites such as YouTube, podcast distribution through iTunes, and the strategic use of blogs and free online press releases to build interest in the podcast.

These lessons learned, production procedures, and marketing insights have been included in the AirSafe.com Podcasting Manual, a draft of which is available as a free download from AirSafe.com. This step-by-step guide was designed to give any group or individual the foundation to create an audio or video podcast, put that podcast on iTunes, YouTube and elsewhere, and to do so without spending much money.

Feel free to download a free copy of this manual at http://www.airsafe.com/classes/airsafe-podcasting-manual-draft.pdf. It is a working draft, so any advice you can provide to improve the document would be greatly appreciated.

But Wait, There's More!
The podcasting manual isn't the only thing offered at AirSafe.com. You can find a number of other free AirSafe.com resources, including advice on dealing with airport security, insights on fear of flying, and a free copy of the book Parenting and the Internet, at http://www.airsafe.com/airsafe-resources.pdf

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