30 June 2008

Special AirSafe.com Podcast Series

Special Podcast Series Begins 30 June 2008
In the Secrets of AirSafe.com, a special series from the Conversation at AirSafe.com podcast, site creator Dr. Todd Curtis will share many of the key insights and practices that have allowed AirSafe.com to thrive since its launch in July 1996. Each podcast explores a different aspect of the site, and offers listeners a rare opportunity to get an inside look at how to successfully identify, expand, and serve an online audience.

Information about the special series is available at

You can hear the podcast at

The transcript of the first podcast in the series is available at

Other Recent Podcasts
Last week, AirSafe.com released a podcast showing the rescue of the passengers of a Chilean airliner that crashed earlier in June. The passengers survived for four days in the snow on a forested mountainside before being rescued. The pilot and nine passengers survived the crash, but the pilot died two days before rescue. You can find out more about this event at http://www.airsafe.com/podcasts/show51a.htm
, or you can hear or see the podcast through the links below:
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New from the AirSafe.com Crash Video Collection
The USAF released an accident report and video from the first ever crash of a B-2 bomber. The $1.4 billion aircraft crashed in Guam on 23 February 2008 due to water contamination in the aircraft's flight control system. Both pilots successfully ejected.
More crash details, plus a video.

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