03 September 2013

Interview with Dr. Richard Haines of NARCAP

Last month, Dr. Todd Curtis interviewed Dr. Richard Haines, the chief scientist of NARCAP, where they discussed his organization's efforts to reduce threats to aviation caused by unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

Dr. Haines, who founded the organization in 1999, provided several examples of why unidentified aerial events may have put aircraft and their occupants at risk in the past, and also explained that such events happen to a significant fraction of active airline pilots. Dr. Haines also encouraged crew members who have observed such events to contact his organization at narcap.org and file a report on any past sightings.
Listen to the interview (1:01:28)

NARCAP resources and research studies
NARCAP advice to pilots
Report unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)
NARCAP technical reports

Relevant conference about unidentified aerial phenomena
From June 29-30, 2013, the Center for UFO Research held a symposium on the scientific investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena and UFOs in Greensboro, NC. Featured speakers included high-level officials, including Dr. Haines, a retired Belgian major general, and an Iranian Air Force fighter pilot.

30 May 2013

Interview with Cockpit Confidential author Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith, airline pilot and author of the recently released book Cockpit Confidential, sat down with Dr. Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com to discuss his latest work, and to share his thoughts on other issues facing the airline industry.

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27 May 2013

Crash of a National Airlines 747-400 in Afghanistan

29 April 2013; National Airlines; 747-400; N949CA; Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan: The aircraft had just departed on a cargo flight to Dubai, UAE when the aircraft entered a stall and crashed near the end of the runway. All seven crew members were killed. Cargo included several vehicles. Although the aircraft was flying in support of coalition forces in Afghanistan, there is not indication that the crash was caused by hostile action.

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747 Plane Crashes

19 January 2013

Dr. Curtis discussed the grounding of the 787 on Fox Business Network

On Friday 18 January 2013, Dr. Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com was interviewed on the Fox Business Network show 'Money with Melissa Francis' where he discussed the recent grounding of the 787 and the things that would have to happen for the public to regain confidence in this aircraft.

Issues included loss of consumer confidence, potential problems with the new battery technology used in the 787, the aircraft certification process, reducing aircraft risksand how passenger fears can be reduced.

Interview links
Hear the Fox Business Network interview (also available at http://www.airsafe.com/podcasts/show127-fox-money-18-jan-2013.mp3)

Watch the Fox Business Network interview

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Photo credits: Fox Business News

24 May 2012

Dr. Curtis interview about FAA rules on passenger electronics

An April 19, 2012 bird strike near JFK brings up issues about FAA rules on the use of electronic devices by passengers, and why those rules may have to change.

The issue was the FAA response to a video posted by a passenger that showed the birds striking the aircraft. For details on that story, including the video shot by the passenger, check out the AirSafeNews.com article on this event.

You can also listen to the interview Dr. Curtis gave to WTOP radio about this event.

03 June 2011

BBC interview on new laser penalties

On 1 June 2011 the FAA announced that it will now use a rule originally used against someone on board the aircraft who interfered with a flight crew, and apply it to people on the ground who deliberately point lasers at aircraft. With this change, someone who points a laser at an aircraft can be fined up to $11,000.

The program The World Today from the BBC interviewed Dr. Curtis about some the issues associated with pointing lasers at pilots (5:02).

While this threat to aircraft has not resulted in a crash of a military aircraft, airliner, or private aircraft, flashing a laser at an aircraft could compromise aviation safety by distracting or incapacitating pilots during critical phases of flight. For more on this issue, including links to FAA studies on the effects of lasers on pilots, check out the AirSafeNews.com article on the FAA's new laser rules.

12 January 2011

Interview with Rudy Maxa about the biggest plane crashes of 2010

In this January 8, 2011 interview with Rudy Maxa's World, Dr. Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com discussed the most significant plane crashes and noteworthy safety and security events of 2010, including the crash of an A330 in Libya with a sole survivor, a near midair collision over Burbank, and the absence of fatal passengers events of airlines of the US and Canada.

Listen to the interview
Plane crashes and significant events of 2010

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